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Glass thickness calculator for glass railing

Finding the right dimensions for glass is very important from the standpoint of safety, as the strength of the glass railing depends directly on the thickness of the glass. Often, calculating the thickness of glass causes problems for builders and designers because it requires specific knowledge and experience. Here you will find a calculator for calculating the thickness of glass railings, applicable to our GP and GPR profiles systems.

Please choose the height of the glass railing (height of the profile + glass) and the linear load of the railing required in the design and you will get the required glass thickness:

Height of the glass railing
Line load

The thickness of the glass is calculated using the FEA method according to maximum allowed stress on the glass under EN 16612:2019. The maximum permissible deflection of the glass railing, which may be stipulated in national local standards, is not taken into account in the calculation.

ReferenceGlass facade of ENM

The building of the Estonian National Museum was designed with a point-fixed double-skin facade with a volume of 6,500 m2. For this, a point-fixed facade solution with a suitable price and design was required.

Standard swivel point fittings could not be used as they did not fit into the project budget and were of an unsuitable shape and size for the architect.

First, we made strength calculations for the glass according to the wind load. Based on the result, the optimal glass thickness is 8 +10 mm hardened-laminated.

Eesti Rahva Muuseum klaasfassaad

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