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Point fixings for glass

Over 200,000 pieces of R-FIX point fixings for glass have been installed in Scandinavia, the Baltics and elsewhere. We have valuable experience and reliable technical information in this area. For questions and further information, do not hesitate to contact our specialist!

Point fixings for glass provide the possibility of fixing glass securely to the substructure, where the bolt passing through the aperture in the glass mechanically prevents the glass from moving or falling down. R-FIX point fixings are characterised by a wide range of products and high quality surface finishing – the stainless steel surface is finished with a thin, uniform CNC cutting blade trace, resulting in a semi-matte surface that gives the best aesthetic result with the glass.

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The diameter of the standard models of point fixings range from 16 to 60 mm and the range of suitable mounting bolts is M5 to M12, which covers the fixing needs from background glass for the kitchen worktop to the large pieces of glass for a lift shaft. When selecting point fixings, consideration should be given to the following:

  • What forces affect the glass to be fixed – only the glass’s own weight or operating load and wind load as well? If it is important to hold only the weight of the glass, smaller point fixings may be selected. However, if the operating load or wind load have an impact on the glass, the contact area of the point fixing with the glass should be larger in order to prevent excessive stress around the apertures in the glass.
  • Is the glass pane fixed from every corner or as a console from only one edge, such as point-fixed stairway railings? If fixings are located in every corner, smaller point fixings may be considered. However, the console glass fixing method requires larger point fixings, since in this case the fixings are subject to much greater force.
  • How big should the distance be between the glass to be fixed and the substructure? For example, if spacers with a thickness of 25 mm are used to fix the glass of a balcony railing, the glass can also be cleaned from the side of the balcony panel. However, it is not possible to use 5 mm spacers in the same location.
  • Does the spacer need to have a female thread for the bolt? A thread provides an opportunity to adjust the distance of the spacer from the substructure, while the threadless bolt hole does not allow it.
  • Will the point fixings be installed in internal or external conditions? In general, it is recommended to use 1.4401 (AISI316) stainless steel with a higher corrosion resistance in the external environment. In interior conditions 1.4301 (AISI304) stainless steel with a more favourable price may be used.
  • Do you prefer point fixings mounted on the surface of the glass or sunk into the glass (point fixings remain on the same plane as the glass)? To mount sunk point fixings, there must be phased apertures in the glass.
  • Before making apertures in the glass for point fixings, it must be checked how big apertures must be! For example, a 12 mm diameter aperture is not sufficient for a point fixing with an M10 bolt; the aperture must be 22 mm. We have seen a lot of unhappy people for whom glass with too small apertures have been made.

After installation, it is recommended to clean the point fixings with special cleaning foam. Strong acidic or alkaline cleaning agents, which may damage the surface of stainless steel and cause corrosion, should be avoided.

We keep all point fixings in stock in sufficient quantities. The R-FIX warehouse is located a 15-minute drive from Tallinn in Kiili, 14 Kurna street.

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