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Glass railings

A glass railing profile provides an opportunity to create balcony railings, staircase railings or other railings free of posts without compromising at the expense of safety.

Our aluminium glass railing profiles are adjustable, meaning it is possible to level the glass inside the profile, which helps to save valuable installation time. All our systems are adjustable except bendable GP and profile with 25.5 mm glass.

Over 40 km of R-FIX glass railing profiles have been installed in the Baltics,  Scandinavia and elsewhere. We have valuable experience and reliable technical information in this area. For questions and further information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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According to the requirements of the design, five different profile models can be selected:

Profile model Permitted linear load Suitable glass thicknesses Spacing of fixing apertures Adjustability of the glass angle
GPR1 1.5 kN/m 10 – 21.5 mm 250 mm Yes
GPR1F 1.5 kN/m 10 – 21.5 mm 250 mm Yes
GPR1Y 1.5 kN/m 10 – 21.5 mm 250 mm Yes
GPR3 3 kN/m 21.5 – 25.5 mm 200 mm  21.5-yes; 25.5-no
GP 1.5 kN/m 10 – 21.5 mm 200 mm No

The profiles are provided with milled fixing apertures in the bottom or side. To cover side apertures, we offer aluminium claddings and plastic caps. M10 or M12 anchors suitable for the substructure are used to fasten the profiles.

We keep in stock sufficient quantity of profiles with two different surface finishes:

  • Brushed-anodised surface coating, which resembles stainless steel in appearance and is durable in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Raw aluminium without surface coating suitable to be powder coated or to be mounted in a place where the profile is not visible.

As accessories to the profile system, we offer drainage blocks that are compatible with GPR1 and GPR3 profiles. They are used to raise the profile 10 mm above the floor, so that water can flow freely away from between the drainage blocks. In addition to the profile systems, there are also different handrails and clamps for the glass railing that can be used to connect the glasses and stiffen the railing.

The delivery time of the glass railings and handrails in stock is generally 1  week, depending on where they need to be transported. We can also provide powder coated systems according to the RAL code. The delivery time of these is 1-2 weeks depending on the length of the painting lead time.

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